Sungrow 3 phase Hybrid Inverter 8.0KW - SH8.0RT

Sungrow 3 phase Hybrid Inverter 8.0KW - SH8.0RT

VAT not included
10 years warranty
150 - 600 V wide battery voltage range
Supports parallel connection with full communication between inverters
Provides 100 % unbalanced loads in backup mode
Seamless transition to backup mode for protection against power outages
Fast charging / discharging to meet the demand of higher consumption and energy trading
High self-consumption with optimized built-in EMS
Free online monitoring to enhance energy management for end users, installer and retailer
Remote firmware updates and customizable settings
Unique push-in connectors for time-saving installation
Touch free commissioning with smartphone
Lightweight and compact

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For households with three-phase grid monitoring, the Sungrow 3PH Hybrid Inverter is very suitable. A hybrid inverter, also known as a smart inverter, is an inverter with extra functionality. It is capable of distributing the delivered solar energy from a residential solar panel installation smarter over the own household. The device has a modest size, is lightweight and very easy to install. During an installation it can be easily connected thanks to the added push-in connectors. In addition, the inverter does not need to be opened during installation.
Sungrow 3PH Hybrid Inverter can be connected indoors and outdoors. The hybrid inverter sends the self-generated energy to the various locations in the household. As soon as the self-use is lower, the excess power will be stored in a home battery. As a result, self-consumption is high and electricity costs remain low. This is possible thanks to EMS, an integrated Energy Management System.

A backup mode protects the inverter against power interruptions. During this mode, the unbalance load can be up to 100%. Sungrow 3PH Hybrid Inverter has power management, overvoltage protection type 2 on the AC and DC side and an emergency power supply.

The smart inverter features the IV curve diagnostics. This means that it is able to analyze the effectiveness of a full string. As a result, reduced performance and malfunctions are quickly identified and the installer can intervene quickly.

The starting voltage of the SH5.0RT is 180 volts, is lower than that of the other types in the three-phase hybrid inverter category. The SH6.0RT, SH8.0RT and SH10RT have a starting voltage of 250 Volt. The hybrid inverter is designed for 1000 Volt PV systems. It has two MPPT's (Multi Power Point Tracking) and uses MC4 connectors on the DC side.

More Information
Weight (kg)27.000000
TypeHybrid three-phase
Country of manufactureChina
Warranty in years10
Warranty extension20
Max. DC-input capacity16000W
AC-nominal output power8000W
Number of MPPT2
Suitable for outdoor mountingYes
DC switchYes
Data loggingYes
Width (mm)460mm
Height (mm)540mm
Depth (mm)170mm
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